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Welcome to the official website of Protrack Rhino Task Team, a registered NGO dedicated to protecting

Africa's wildlife by supporting and assisting the Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit in their daily challenges and


As the threat of wildlife poaching continues to escalate, Protrack Rhino Task Team has emerged as a

vital force in the fight against this devastating practice. We actively collaborate with Protrack Anti-

Poaching Unit on a daily basis, benefiting from their expertise in strategic deployment and their ability

to identify the evolving needs and training requirements necessary for our mission. With their larger

manpower and boots on the ground, Protrack plays an invaluable role in ensuring that our Rhino Task

Team is placed in the right place at the right time.

Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit, a private company providing services to reserves facing illegal poaching

activities, has witnessed the alarming increase in rhino poaching, alongside the economic and climate

challenges of our time. Recognizing the urgent need for additional tools and equipment to enforce

wildlife protection, we established Protrack Rhino Task Team as a registered and audited NGO. Through

private donations, we are able to overcome the daily challenges posed by poachers and ensure the

safety of our wildlife and the dedicated rangers who safeguard them.

Our dedicated unit, the Protrack Rhino Task Team, is comprised of an Emergency Response Unit,

consisting of four highly trained individuals and a specialized vehicle, as well as two kennel masters and

a kennel assistant. Our primary functions are clear: to provide assistance to local and cross-border

reserves, supporting Protrack as an extended wing with vital equipment and training that would

otherwise be financially out of reach.

The Emergency Response Unit is instrumental in assisting smaller reserves with limited resources in

preventing and combating poaching activities. Additionally, they play a vital role in gathering crucial

information on criminals and poachers. Our kennel masters, who are highly qualified dog trainers and

handlers, serve as an integral part of the response unit.


Their responsibilities include providing assistance during emergency responses on-site and,

most importantly, delivering the highest quality training to our dogs and their handlers.

As a compact unit, we have the advantage of actively being involved in decision-making processes,

allowing us to quickly allocate funding in crisis emergencies without cumbersome corporate procedures.

This agility is essential as criminals constantly adapt and change their techniques. Our ability to make

swift decisions extends beyond effective arrests to encompass the development of training methods

that are both effective and applicable to the evolving needs of our task.

At Protrack Rhino Task Team, our unwavering commitment to protecting Africa's wildlife drives us

forward. Through close collaboration with Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit and the generous support of our

donors, we strive to create a future where our magnificent wildlife thrives, safe from the clutches of

poachers.  We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our mission, initiatives, and how you can

contribute to this vital cause. Together, let us make a difference in the fight against poaching and  the

preservation of Africa's precious wildlife.

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