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Funding Support for Various Initiatives

Welcome to our sponsorship website where we present our current projects in need of funding. Your generous support will enable us to continue making a positive

impact in the community. Below, you will find a detailed wish list for each

project, outlining the specific areas where your contributions will be utilised.


Protrack Rhino Task Team

Permanent Employees:

Provide ongoing support to our team of four registered and trained individuals responsible for emergency response work.

Emergency Response Vehicle:

Funds will contribute towards equipping and maintaining a dedicated emergency response vehicle.


Essential Equipment and Uniforms:

Help us maintain standard kit and utensil costs, including radios, handcuffs, uniforms, kit bags, boots, and cell phones for the team.


First Aid Kits:

Financial support is needed to ensure well-stocked first aid kits for both road and bush operations.


Information Networking:

Funds will be utilized to facilitate effective information networking, aiding in the identification and arrest of suspects.


Solar Backup and Charging Equipment:

Support our team's foot patrols by providing solar backup and charging equipment for their operations.


Binoculars and Night Vision:

Enable our team to carry out their operations efficiently by contributing towards the procurement of binoculars and night vision devices.

Camera Traps:

Assist us in acquiring camera traps to enhance our surveillance capabilities and monitor


Dog Handling Unit

Our Dog Handling Division is in progress and requires financial assistance to cover the following daily operational costs:


Kennel Master and Assistant:

Funding will contribute towards the salaries and benefits of a skilled Kennel Master and their assistant.

Dog Handlers:

Support our team of trained dog handlers who work diligently with our highly skilled dogs.

Dog Food and Medical Care:

Funds will provide quality food and medical care for our dogs, ensuring their health and well-being.

Training of Accredited Dog Handlers:

Help us provide continuous training to our dog handlers to maintain their accreditation and enhance their skills.

Acquisition of Dogs:

Your contributions will assist in purchasing or receiving new dogs for our kennel, expanding our capabilities.

Training Equipment:

Financial support is needed to procure essential training equipment for our dogs, enabling efficient training sessions.

Dog Obstacle Course:

Help us establish a dedicated obstacle course, aiding in training and desensitising the dogs.

Vehicle Running Costs:

Support the transportation of handlers and dogs to training grounds and deployment areas by assisting with vehicle-related expenses.

Tracking Colors and Night Sight Equipment:

Financial assistance is required to procure tracking colors and night vision equipment for effective tracking operations during night time.


Community Projects

Under different names to ensure community integration, we have initiated and supported various

projects such as Green Kids, Acornhoek Soccer League, and Permaculture Farming for Families. While

these projects have transitioned to new management, we require dedicated individuals or project

managers to continue our efforts. The funds allocated for these projects will be utilised for the following

purposes throughout the year:

Kids School Trips:

Support school trips to the Kruger National Park or other game reserves, providing

children from the community with a unique wildlife experience.

Soccer League Sponsorship:

Contribute to the sponsorship of the local soccer league, empowering young

athletes and fostering community engagement through sports.

Permaculture Farming:

Help us further develop permaculture farming initiatives, promoting sustainable

agriculture and empowering local families.

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